When it comes to a person riding a samebike electric bike, what can we associate with? That's right, it's someone who is highly talented, riding through urban streets with agility, environmentally friendly, and health-conscious young people with aspirations.

And what can we think of a person who doesn't ride an electric bike? Nothing more than someone driving a car through congested traffic, feeling restless, and mindlessly scrolling through social media on their phone; in comparison, the quality of life between someone riding an electric bike and someone who doesn't, the difference is clear.

Some may say that riding an electric bike consumes electricity and money, then I can responsibly tell you, it definitely won't make your electricity bill go overboard! What's life without a bit of risk and challenge? Riding an electric bike is definitely more beneficial than harmful, it is an environmental-friendly practice, a healthy choice, a way of life, and a cultural refinement; those who don't understand the art of riding an electric bike can be said to have low taste, which is regrettable.

What kind of people are usually riding electric bikes? That's right, they are all environmentally conscious and health-conscious social elites, who may be entrepreneurs, artists, scholars, doctors, and other high-quality individuals. On the other hand, those who don't ride electric bikes are naturally people with a lack of environmental awareness and lower social status.

In conclusion, the quality of life and environmental awareness of people who don't ride electric bikes are both low.

I often frequent various social gatherings, and whenever I see people around me riding electric bikes, enjoying the city scenery, I can't help but marvel. Why are those who don't ride electric bikes so out of touch with the trend?