3 Types Of Replacement Auto Parts You Need To Know About

Are you new to DIY when it comes to your car? Then you might be bewildered by the choice of car parts that are available in the market. Thanks to aftermarket auto parts, you can find everything you need online when you are revamping your car. But if you are confused about which type to choose, then this article is for you. Here are the three types of replacement auto parts people choose from.

New parts

As the name suggests, these type of car parts has never been used and most are OE or original equipment. They are replacement parts from the company whose parts were used to make the car you own. You can use them to replace your broken or worn-out equipment. As for where to find them, you can find them with new-car parts sellers, subsidiaries of the OEM as well as the distributors of the OEM. You can also find them online on reputable aftermarket auto part websites. Since they are the original auto body parts, they tend to be costly.

Now it is not necessary that your new part be OE, you can always buy similar OE products (some even exceed the quality of the OE) from good aftermarket car part websites or dealers. You can even buy them offline in auto parts stores and repair facilities. Some even are from OE manufacturers but when sold aftermarket, that version becomes cheaper as it is not branded.

Whether you are buying OE new parts or aftermarket ones will depend on two things; the type of car part you are buying as well as your budget. For simple things like wiper blades, light bulbs, belts, and others, there is little price difference between new OE car parts and aftermarket ones. For others, it will depend on how much you are interested in investing in your car. If you are going to keep your car for long, then investing in important car parts from OE is profitable, otherwise, aftermarket ones are good.

As for what to look for, it is the counterfeit OE products. The packaging will look 90% similar but the price will be way cheaper. You can often find them in online stores as well as flea markets. Using such parts mean you are putting your car and your life in danger.

Remanufactured car parts

As per FTC guidelines, if a car part has been disassembled, repaired, and then put together, it has to be labeled as “rebuilt”. Such parts can be anything from engines to transmitters to air conditioning compressors. They cost 20 to 50% less than OE and are often good parts to repair your car.

When a car part is “rebuilt” it means that it has been disassembled and then rebuilt as per factory specification. The faulty parts are often replaced with new parts and then the assembled part is tested to make sure it is performing perfectly. This is why such car parts work as well as new parts.

Refurbished car parts

On the other hand, refurbished or reconditioned auto parts are those car parts that have been disassembled, and then only the faulty parts are repaired before they are put together. The aim of refurbished car parts is to make the car part work and so repairing is done only to the extent of making it work. Hence, they may be cost-effective, but their performance is not guaranteed, unlike rebuilt car parts. So, unless you have a vintage car or a car model with very hard-to-find rebuilt car parts, don’t opt for refurbished car parts.

Recycled or salvaged car parts

The vehicles that don’t work anymore or those that have been in a collision are taken apart and the parts we get from them are called recycled or salvaged parts. They are an attraction for repair works of those car parts where the OE or even rebuilt ones are exuberantly priced. But there is no guarantee of their performance or even durability, and so many hesitate to repair using them.

So, unless you have a vintage car or a model which has long been discontinued, avoid using recycled or salvaged car parts. If you do, make sure you get lower-mileage parts from your aftermarket car parts dealer.