Famous Japanese Food you Should try During your Japan Visit

One of the finest ways to experience something new and learn about a culture is through food. When visiting Japan, there are a ton of delectable Japanese dishes available for you to try according to your preferences. Naturally, if you visit Japan, you will want to sample the cuisine. There are many different cuisines and regional specialities to try, but if we were to choose classic meals that we heartily endorse, they would be those listed below.

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Sushi is arguably one of the first Japanese meals that spring to mind when Japan is discussed. Why else would it not be? Sushi is a food that is widely accessible and frequently associated with Japan in many nations across the world. There are several incredible locations in Japan where you can find fresh, delectable sushi. Sushi is the name given to the rice that is served with raw fish to unfamiliar people. To prepare sushi, rice is typically seasoned with vinegar, sugar, and either fish or other seafood. Seaweed is also sometimes included. In Japan, many restaurants provide rotating sushi, which adds to the attraction of a dish that is quite popular. The sushi is rotated in front of every diner.


One of the most well-liked foods in Japan is tempura, which is crispy, flavorful, reasonably healthy, and inexpensive. Your choice of prawns, fish, squid, vegetables, or tofu is lightly breaded and quickly deep-fried to prevent the loss of important vitamins and minerals. Although you may eat tempura on its own, it's usually served with rice or noodles and a selection of dipping sauces.


When pressed on a griddle, okonomiyaki resembles a pancake, but it has a far wider range of ingredients and is frequently thought of as a savory dish. Although the traditional components are flour, yam, and egg, you may use almost anything else instead. The most often added components are mochi, green onions, cheese, pork, shrimp, squid, and vegetables. In certain places, the experience is more engaging since the chef cooks it on a griddle while the diners assist him or her by adding more ingredients.


During your visit to Japan, you must sample the dish sashimi. Similar to sushi but lacking rice, sashimi is raw fish that has been chopped into bite-sized pieces. Japan is a great choice because of the amazing quality of the fish that is caught there, whether you are in Tokyo, Kyoto, or somewhere else.

Similar to sushi, sashimi is available in hundreds of various varieties. Some of the most common and well-liked varieties are salmon, mackerel, sea bream, maguro, and various varieties of tuna.

People use soy sauce when they have sashimi to add extra flavor to it. For an extra kick, you can add on top of the sashimi, although it's not required. Some species, like horse mackerel, will be served with ginger instead of wasabi.



These are some famous foods in Japan you can try when you are traveling there. If you are looking for the Japan tourist spots you can connect with a professional team to get the best deal on your travel.